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When I first began to write and illustrate children’s books, I had no idea what a pleasure or how much work it would be. A picture book is a skinny sort of book (typically 32 pages in all) but a whole world can open up in those few pages. Art and words unite, telling a story for eyes and ears at once.

A picture book is an intimate thing, often shared across a lap at bedtime. How many writers and artists can imagine their work entering people’s lives in such a cozy way? For me, it has been a privilege and a joy.

Most of my ten titles are meant for the very young, but they’re also meant for all ages from toddlers on up, including adults. I’ve written one longer book for older children, GWINNA, an illustrated fairy tale in chapters. It too can be read aloud as well as quietly, alone. You can find out more about each book by clicking on the book covers.

Where to Find My Books

Moonlet’s book from A Lot of Otters